Travel: Brazil, 2000 through 2011

Travel to Brazil, 2000 through 2011: 

I have been visiting Brazil since  2000 when I participated in an international pavement conference at Mackenzie University, São Paulo. Our Brazilian hosts Professor João Virgilio Merighi and Professor Rita Moura Fortes  have accompanied us to many exciting places in this magnificent tropical country. In this post I am including some photos and memories from these trips.


Dr. Waheed Uddin’s Travel, 2009: The magnificent Iguazu Falls in the south of Brazil (the site of King Kong movie); Family vacation with friends from Brazil and Portugal in August 2009 also include scenes from Fozo and Samba time in São Paulo.
Iguazu Falls, Brazil, 31 July 2009
Boat Trip, Iguazu Falls, Brazil, 31 July 2009
The following YouTube video of Iguazu Falls is from BBC (credit:  safy990 on Apr 20, 2010)
More to come on visit to Itau hydroelectric dam and São Paulo.







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