Senatobia, Mississippi
Dr. Uddin, This is James Armstrong. I’m sure you remember me throughout my time at Ole Miss from working under you during my undergrad program from 2006-2011.  It was a great experience to help with your traffic studies and learn under your teaching.  I am currently an Engineer in Training for MDOT in the Senatobia Project Office……………….. Also, if you would like to schedule a field trip….. I would be very much willing to show your students what real world construction looks like.
Brad Armstrong, EIT: BS 2011; Mississippi DOT. (excerpt from e-mail, 27 October 2013)
San Antonio, Texas
Dr. Uddin,  I really appreciate you taking the time to help me, not everyone would do that, but you always did take extra care of your students, and I want to thank you……Any helpful advice you have to offer, as always, is very much appreciated, for your words of advice carry much weight with me, because of your outstanding knowledge, and motivation to make a difference, not only in engineering practices, but also in your students. I will never forget how you strive to make a difference in your student’s lives, it has helped mold me into the person I am today.
William Denton, EIT: BS 2009; General Manager – Pipeline Division, Culberson Construction Inc. (excerpt from e-mail, 28 August 2013)

Oxford, Mississippi
Dear Dr. Uddin,
…Congratulations on your book and on your life’s work. Happy holidays. RCK
Dr. Robert C. Khayat
Chancellor Emeritus, The University of Mississippi.
(excerpt from e-mail, 21 December 2012)
Dr. Uddin’s note: Dr. Robert C. Khayat served as the 15th Chancellor of The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) from 1995 until his retirement in 2009. Educated at Yale and Ole Miss, Dr. Khayat led the university to a new progressive image with more than 50 percent increased enrollment, cultural diversity, new and renovated campus infrastructure, beautiful grove and green spaces, and several iconic landmarks including the All Faith Chapel and Civil Rights Monument. I am honored that Dr. Khayat has kindly contributed Foreword for our new book on public infrastructure management that is being published by McGraw-Hill in July 2013.

Orlando, Florida
Dr. Uddin- thanks so much for the kind words.  You are an inspirational professor and leader.  Thanks again for all you do…
Hely Saul Gonzalez: MBA, BS 1998; Training Systems Facilities Engineer, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division; 1998 graduate of civil engineering and a senior alumnus of the University of Mississippi. (excerpt from e-mail, 10 December 2012)
More: “When I was working as the Officer in Charge of Construction Katrina (post Hurricane Katrina reconstruction) I was responsible for resurfacing approximately 20 miles of asphalt roads on the Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) located in Gulfport, MS.  I contacted Dr. Uddin, my mentor and trusted subject matter expert (SME) on asphalt pavement with a mix design question.  Dr Uddin gave me technical advice with engineering calculations to support his recommendation that I passed to the asphalt plant to engineer a suitable pavement design for our asphalt road project.”

Dr. Uddin’s Note: A senior alumnus of the University of Mississippi, Saul was one of the most enthusiastic and hard working students in my classes although he was also following a grueling schedule of ROTC at Ole Miss. He always connected with me after his graduation, sending interesting photos from construction project problems, and sharing other news. Upon my invitation he made an excellent ITE lecture presentation to my construction management class in April 2005. His lecture slides are a permanent addition to me lecture notebook.

Jonesboro, Arkansas
Dr. Uddin,
I truly enjoyed your Geomedia professional class and all other classes you taught throughout my collegiate career. I believe your insight and experience are valuable resources to the civil engineering program. It is apparent you are passionate about your lectures and it truly shows in your teaching. Thank you!
Whitney Pardew: BS 2012; Project Manager, Olympus Construction, Inc. (excerpt from e-mail, 24 September 2012)


Jackson, Mississippi
Dr. Uddin,
I just wanted to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed having you as a teacher this semester and in past classes. You are very knowledgeable and passionate about your field and I appreciate that. I have learned quite a bit from you that will help me in my career.
Jarrett Taylor: BS 2012; EIT, Roadway Design Division, Mississippi Department of Transportation (excerpt from e-mail, 15 May 2012)


Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I am glad you are still in the game – you are one of the best, a true asset to the program (civil engineering at University of Mississippi).
A.J. (Jim) Ferguson, Jr., P.E., MBA, CFM: Chief Engineer, City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Dr. Uddin’s Note: Mr. Ferguson is 1995 graduate of civil engineering and a senior alumnus of the University of Mississippi. (excerpt from e-mail, March 2012)


Hyderabad, INDIA
Dear Dr. Uddin:….Your feedback and comments are very valuable to me and I always look forward to them…..the work I have done with you gave me exposure to several areas in transportation. At that time I had no idea but, even to this day whenever I come across any challenge, I find a thread somewhere in my MS research and I thank you for it. Working for you was a challenge with so many things running simultaneously but I enjoyed it thoroughly..
Yamini Varma Nanagiri: MS 2001, Ole Miss; PhD 2005, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Associate Professor at National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Hyderabad, India. (excerpts from e-mails, March 31, December 13, 2012)
Dr. Uddin’s Note: Yamini was the most productive graduate student during her stay at the University of Mississippi among her peers. Her MS thesis research was published in three journal papers and one conference paper.


New York City, New York
This is a wonderfully written article that helps very much understanding the level of need in Thailand….. I belong to a non-profit foundation that rebuilds schools after natural disasters and Dr. Uddin revealed to be a great resource and supporter. Thank you very much!
Laura Giannini: Program Developer, Happy Hearts Fund, New York, NY 10014, USA
(excerpt from post comment. February 2, 2012)  http://www.happyheartsfund.org


I would like to thank Professor Waheed and Professor Soonthorn for their valuable advice and offer of support which is greatly appreciated. (Prof Waheed made a presentation on the flood damage assessment and flood resistant infrastructure rehabilitation.)
Professor Said Irandoust
President, Asian Institute of Technology
(excerpt from AIT President’s newsletter, 26th December 2011)


Dear Prof. Waheed Uddin,
As a Thai, let me first thank you for your effort to come to Thailand and contribute your support to our country under this critical period. Our country needs to learn and move forward to overcome this kind of crisis so I am grateful to your help.
With Best Regards,
Chaovalit Ekabut
President, AITAA – Mother Chapter
Asian Institute of Technology Alumni Association (AITAA)
(excerpt from Khun Chaovalit Ekabut’ e-mail of December 23, 2011 after Professor Uddin’s report on visit to AIT campus and post flood inspection report. See blogposts on Bangkok floods)


Jackson, Mississippi
Dear Dr. Uddin,
…I am so lucky and thankful that I not only had the opportunity to learn from you, study under you, and work with you…..you are an amazing person, teacher, and mentor….
Jessica Headrick Dilley, EIT: BS 2008, MS 2010 (Ole Miss); Project Manager, Planning Division, Mississippi Department of Transportation, Jackson (excerpt from letter, September 12, 2011)
Dr. Uddin’s note: Jessica contributed immensely in her junior and senior years in my National Academies/USAID’s Karachi transportation project; and in her Master’s program she led my research team of the roundabout evaluation project for the Mississippi Department of Transportation. She returned with her colleague C. Colby Willis on February 29, 2012 to Ole Miss and presented the ITE lecture.

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