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Testimonial: From Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A.J. (Jim) Ferguson, Jr., P.E., MBA, CFM: I am glad you are still in the game – you are one of the best, a true asset to the program (civil engineering at University of Mississippi).

Mr. Ferguson is 1995 graduate of civil engineering and a senior alumnus of the University of Mississippi.  He is currently Chief Engineer at Department of Public Works (DPW) with the City of Baton Rouge, Parish of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. Jim has been with DPW since 2003.

Promoted in 2010 as Chief Engineer for the City, Jim’s responsibilities include oversight of EBRP infrastructure programs as pertains to  sewage, streets, roadway capacity improvement plan, drainage, and bridges; an  annual cost of billions of dollars.

Jim writes: “With nearly 300 offsystem bridges under our jurisdiction, 70% with a timber structural component and 50-years old, we are working on putting together a program for their systematic replacement.  The bridges are what I truly love.  My areas of expertise are Drainage, Floodplain Management and Bridges.  All civil careers in their own right.  That is what is so wonderful about our specific discipline of engineering – it is what you make of it.”

Thank you, Jim for re-connecting and taking out time to update your profile.