Sustainable Cities: Innovative Transit Technologies

Sustainable Cities: Innovative Transit Technologies for Planet Forward’s Program on Innovations in Sustainability.

Video contributed by Meredith Fuller, a senior in journalism at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).

A followup video post with audio will be added as soon as it is released by Planet Forward web site.

This video post is related to transportation and the economics related to the current costs of transportation and what it could cost to change the current situation. I asked Dr. Uddin, a transportation engineering professor at Ole Miss, some questions about his research and got his point of view about the current and possibly what we see for the future situations of transportation. My faculty adviser Ms. Kristen Swain, assistant professor of journalism at Ole Miss, is coordinating production of journalism students’ short video project which will be featured in Planet Forward, a PBS program about innovations in sustainability, hosted by the Geroge Washingtin University, Washington DC.

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