PLANET FORWARD – Innovative Transit Technologies: Guest Post 19

Innovative Transit Technologies for Planet Forward’s Program on Innovations in Sustainability: Planet Forward is a project of the Center for Innovative Media at George Washington University.

Guest Post 19: The following Video, posted on Planet Forward, is contributed by Ms. Meredith Fuller who is a senior in journalism at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).

My video post is featured in Planet Forward (, a PBS supported program about innovations in sustainability. My video post is related to transportation and the economics related to the current costs of transportation and what it could cost to change the current situation. I asked Dr. Uddin, a transportation engineering professor at Ole Miss, some questions about his research and got his point of view about the current practice and possibly what we see for the future situations of transportation.
My faculty adviser Ms. Kristen Swain, assistant professor of journalism at Ole Miss, coordinated the production of journalism students’ short video projects, December 2011.

Dr. Uddin’s note: Meredith Fuller’s video journalism provides a powerful message to the world. It also shows excellent insight in environment-friendly innovative transportation solutions for populace cities in the United States and abroad. I commend her and her journalism professor for understanding this topic and passion for sustainability, which is important even for the small university town of Oxford, Mississippi, USA.

Additionally, I like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals (former students at the University of Mississippi) to this study over the past few years:

  • Charles Eric Shackelford (civil engineering graduate and former graduate student) for road traffic data and GHG computations of selected cities.
  • Jessica Headrick (EIT at Mississippi DOT and former graduate student) for traffic demand volume mapping and GHG computation of Karachi.
  • Katherine Osborne (EIT at AMEC-Nashville and former graduate student) for initial research assistance in conducting technology review and proposing the name of Personal Elevated Rapid Transit (PERT) for the original study.
  • Usman Uddin (business and marketing planner) for economic analysis, impacts on job creation and manufacturing industry, and marketing ideas…Paper presented in 2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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