Guest Posts on Disasters, Sustainability, and Climate Change Impacts

For several years I have been offering a 3 credit hour senior/graduate level geospatial course at the university of Mississippi, USA. During the course lectures I have motivated the students to conduct geospatial and GIS term projects on current sustainability challenges facing the nation.
Also, since the last decade my M.S. and PhD graduate students have been using remote sensing and geospatial technologies in their graduate research, thesis, and dissertation. I am proud of my students who did excellent research and produced many outstanding reports.

I am sharing the following highlight excerpts from selected geospatial project reports of my students at the University of Mississippi, which are presented in upcoming guest posts:

1. Earthquake Risk Mapping for the Continental United States – Carrissa Beasely

2. Drought and Water Scarcity Trends in the Continental United States – Parker Capps

3. Spatial Mapping of the Tornado Alley with Respect to Tornado Records of 2000-2010 for the Continental United States – Nathan Mikell

4. 2009 Tornado Mapping and Impact Trends in the Continental United States – Daniel May

5. Flood Related Economic Loss Mapping of the Continental United States – Tyler Jordan

6. 2011 Mississippi River Great Flood Impacts on Mississippi Counties – Michael Gresham

7. Hurricane Related Economic and Human Loss Visualization of the Continental United States – Blake Kirby

8. Seasonal Flooding in the Mississippi River Basin Affected by Precipitation Changes – Gareth Ferguson

9. Climate Change Impact Evaluation for the Continental United States – Adam Linville

10. Nuclear Power Generation in the United States and Potential Hazards – Michael Stasny / Gabriel Cartlidge

11. Petroleum Production and Available Reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico for the United States Consumption – Eric Shackelford

12. Oil Spill Spatial Mapping Worldwide and the United States – Alex Jewess

13. Ten Top Toxic Cities of the United States with Respect to Toxicity and Air Quality- Henry Olivi

14. Interstate Highway System Capacity and Sustainability in the United States – Brad Langford

15. Satellite Imagery Based Mapping of Road Network, Traffic Volume Demand, and Traffic Related GHG Emission Inventory – Katherine Osborne (B.S. 2008, M.S. 2009); Jessica Headrick (B.S. 2008, M.S. 2010)

Please stay tuned to view the above guest posts soon.

2 thoughts on “Guest Posts on Disasters, Sustainability, and Climate Change Impacts”

  1. Dr. Uddin’s GIS lecture notebook is a great tool for any person interested in learning GIS without taking the course. I was able to use it to make a thematic map to insert in my Infrastructure Management term project. My partner and I deemed that a thematic map was very important to show the trends of Bridge Deficiency in the United States.

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