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2013 IJPC, First International Journal of Pavements Conference, São Paulo, Brazil, 9-10 December (collaboration of Professor Waheed Uddin with Professor João Merighi and Professor Rita Fortes).

2013 IJPC Conference concluded successfully. See conference video and announcement about 2015 IJPC in Weimar, Germany.

2013 IJPC Brochure, September 7

Total 126 Abstracts received from 23 countries worldwide. The top 15 best papers will be published in a special issue of the 2013 IJP journal.

See Spatial Map Visualization of Authors’ Countries.

This conference will provide a unique opportunity to interact and exchange information among professionals and educators of several countries, who are active in designing, constructing, maintaining and preserving, and managing pavement assets. Our main goal is to publicize IJPC among urban planners, engineers and architects, technologists, environmental assessment professionals, city managers, highway and airport agencies, field engineers and constructors, academic researchers, and students. Please forward this announcement to your colleagues.

MAIREPAV7 Intl. Pavement Conference, Auckland,                New Zealand, 28-30 August 2012

MAIREPAV7 Conference was the 7th in the conference series on road and airport pavement maintenance and rehabilitation. This conference series was first conceived and organized in 2000 by Dr. João Virgilio Merighi and Dr. Rita Moura Fortess, professors at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo, Brazil. This was followed by the second conference in 2001 held in Auburn, USA chaired by Dr. Waheed Uddin (CAIT, University of Mississippi) and co-chaired by Dr. Ray Brown (NCAT, Auburn University), Dr. João Virgilio Merighi and Dr. Rita Moura Fortess (Mackenzie University). At that time on August 1, 2001 the following future conference venues were confirmed by a core group of MAIREPAV conference series founders (João Virgilio Merighi, Rita Moura Fortess, Waheed Uddin, Ray Brown, Alan Woodside, David Woodward, Paulo Pereira, Maria da Conceição M. Azevedo, Asghar Bhatti) who were later joined in 2002 by Ezio Santagata: 3rd conference in 2003 (Guimarães, Portugal where MAIREPAV3 name was first time used, chaired by Professor Paulo Pereira of Minho University); MAIREPAV4 in 2005 (Belfast, Northern Ireland, chaired by Professor Alan Woodside), MAIREPAV5 in 2007 (Park City, Utah, USA, chaired by Professors Hosin Lee and Asghar Bhatti), and MAIREPAV6 in 2009 (Torino, Italy, chaired by Professor Ezio Santagata). In Torino the Auckland University venue of MAIREPAV7 was proposed for 2012 (Auckland, New Zealand, chaired by Dr. Douglas Wilson).

In 2003 iSMARTi international society on transport infrastructure was established at MAIREPAV3 conference. The conference delegates and the core organizers of the conference series agreed the conference series to be hosted by the society since then. Founder President Professor Waheed Uddin and Executive VP Professor Paulo Pereira served the society from 2004 through 2007.

2012 Resource and Environmental Planning Seminar, Massey University, New Zealand, August 27: My invited lecture “Landuse and Transportation Policies for Sustainable Cities” was hosted by Dr. Imran Muhammad, senior lecturer, School of People, Environment & Planning, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Other activities included meetings with faculty, Dr. Imran’s three PhD students, forum of Pak students pursuing doctoral degrees at Massey University, and Pak community function. My hosts, Dr. Imran and Faheem Abbasi, accompanied me for a guided tour of the area including a large wind farm over nearby hills, a source of renewable energy and integral part of the national electric grid network. I later flew to Auckland to participate in MAIREPAV7 conference.

2012 Lincoln Institute’s 7th Annual Land Policy Conference, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, June 4-5: Experts from public policy, landuse and urban planning, and infrastructure fields presented papers on the conference theme on “Infrastructure and Land Policies.” I was invited to present my discussion on “What is the value of infrastructure maintenance?” presented by Dr. Felix Rioja, Georgia State University. The conference book will be published by the Lincoln Institute in 2013 containing all papers and written discussions.

2011 Seminar on Megaflood of Thailand, Bangkok, December 21:
Experts from various fields suggested remedial measures and emphasized the need to learn lessons from the recent megaflood in Thailand. The seminar on “Lessons learned from the October 2011 Thailand Flood Disaster and Future Directions for Flood Prevention and Mitigation,” was organized by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and ASEAN Affairs in association with the Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology (CAIT), University of Mississippi. The invited panelists stressed the need for knowledge sharing, capacity building, and preparedness. More info from AIT, Bangkok, Thailand.

AIT Front Gate, 22 Oct  2011, Bangkok (credit: AIT)
AIT Front Gate, 22 Oct 2011, Bangkok (credit: AIT)

AIT Visit to assess flood impacts: A week long visit to temporary campus on December 15, 2011 and inspection of AIT campus at Rangsit on December 19, 2011.

2011 CONINFRA, São Paulo, Brazil, August 10-12:
5th Transportation Infrastructure Conference collaboration with Dr. João Virgilio Merighi and Dr. Rita Moura Fortes of The National Association of Transportation Infrastructure – ANDIT. The conference features a workshop on natural disaster mitigation issues. More info from ANDIT/Dr. João Virgilio Merighi.
This workshop addresses the need to: provide disaster risk reduction programs, to train and provide increased community resilience to natural hazards and catastrophic disasters, strengthen disaster risk mapping and appropriate landuse practices, and train stakeholders.

5th-ICONFBMP, Thessaloníki, Greece, June 1-3, 2011:
Collaboration with Professor A. Nikolaides for this 5th International Conference on Bituminous Materials and Pavements. This event has attracted industry professionals, government authorities, academics, and researchers from 36 countries worldwide. The delegates deliberated on current topics in bituminous pavement engineering.


Dr. Uddin’s Note: I include collaborative events on this page only from May 2011 when this blog was established. Starting 2000 I have collaborated in over 20 international conferences.

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