Anniversary Post: Geospatial Students’ Projects on Sustainability Practices

Anniversary Post: Geospatial Students’ Projects on Sustainability Practices, Infrastructure Asset Management, and Disasters Impacts.

In May Intersession 2012 I continued my annual geospatial courses for 3 credit hour that I have been offering since 2008 at the University of Mississippi, USA. ENGR597-section 25 is senior/graduate level course. Since 2012 I have been offering CE495 course for undergraduate senior students. During 2012 semester course lectures I motivated the students to use “sustainability” challenges for their geospatial and GIS term projects. Again, like previous years students conducted excellent research and produced outstanding reports on the following topics:

  1. The Environmental Impacts of Oil Refineries – Christopher Betts
  2. Geospatial Analysis of Disaster Evacuation Options using Infrastructure Assessments of Select City School Districts in Mississippi – Seth Cobb
  3. A Geospatial Study of Emission Testing Programs and Transportation Related Air Pollution Indicators – Courtney Cunningham
  4. Geospatial Analysis study of Wetland Loss Along The Coast of Louisiana – Kyle Grantham
  5. Geospatial Mapping of Carbon Dioxide Emissions due to Burning of Fossil Fuels for Different Sectors of U.S. Economy – Sean Levine
  6. Geospatial Analysis of U.S. Gasoline and Natural Gas Among the States – Miller McNamara
  7. Comparison of Current and Future Demands of Electricity Worldwide using Visualization Application Techniques – Whitney Pardew
  8. Geospatial Analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled by State and How it Relates to COEmissions – Andrew Rose
  9. Geospatial Study of Deforestation Trend in the United States – William Shaw
  10. Geospatial Analysis of United States Highway Fatality Trends by Functional Class – Landon Shows
  11. Geospatial Assessment of Pre-flood Campus Infrastructure, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand – Alper Durmus (M.S. student)

Ms. Carrissa Beasley, CAIT Research Assistant, assisted me in the course. Carrissa will graduate in summer 2012.

Selected guest posts from the above list will be published soon.

Dr. Waheed Uddin’s Geospatial Course, 25 May 2012
Dr. Waheed Uddin’s Geospatial Course, 25 May 2012
Dr. Uddin’s note:
GeoMedia Pro software, provided as Intergraph grant to the University of Mississippi CAIT, is used for all geospatial student projects and teaching at CAIT. We appreciate Intergraph support for geospatial teaching and training of future workforce.

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