This BLOG addresses important current global issues that concern all of us in order to:

  • prepare for natural disasters and improve disaster mitigation,
  • help in community involvement for disaster preparedness,
  • improve built environment and city living while reducing pollution and greenhouse gases,
  • preserve critical infrastructure assets in harmony with environmental sustainability and biodiversity, and
  • offer modern remote sensing and geospatial solutions to expedite mitigation strategies.

This blog will provide opinions/comments of engineering professionals and concerned public on the internet which is lacking at this time. The blog contributors will refrain from any political comment or naming/blaming any agency associated with a particular infrastructure or disaster response management issue. All guest blog postings will be first reviewed by the blog moderator to ensure compliance with the mission statement and grouped in the following categories:

  • Global Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Management
  • Critical Lifeline Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Sustainable Transportation Systems
  • Global Warming and Climate Change Mitigation
  • Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability
  • Spaceborne/Airborne Remote Sensing and Geospatial Solutions.

We invite readers to post their response and/or contribute on related subjects as a Guest Blogger after you find an interesting subject on this blog or you find an interesting news/comment to contribute and share with readers.

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A blog about infrastructure and natural disasters around the globe