Formerly United Nations expert, I’m Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Mississippi in the United States, consultant, researcher, author of global infrastructure asset management books, and contributor to a forthcoming climate change mitigation handbook. I have lectured and worked worldwide in 27 countries.

I blog about research and trends with respect to global infrastructure asset management, land transportation and aviation assets, environmental sustainability, ecology and biodiversity preservation, global climate change mitigation, disaster risk assessment, and related applications of remote sensing and geospatial technologies.

You can learn more about me or reach me for complimentary advice, education, training, and/or consulting.

Previously a pavement expert for the United Nations in the United Arab Emirates during 1989-91, Dr. Waheed Uddin is Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology (CAIT) at The University of Mississippi. He received PhD in 1984 in transportation engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Waheed Uddin has over 30 years of professional experience in highways, airports, sustainable development, air quality, and related areas of transportation engineering. He currently leads teaching and research programs in transportation, construction, materials, sustainable development, and natural disaster assessment using remote sensing satellite imagery and geospatial analysis. Dr. Uddin received 2001 School of Engineering faculty service award and Deep South ITE’s 2007 Epps/Dart award of excellence in teaching.

Dr. Uddin’s 220 publications include three books on infrastructure asset management, one book chapter in 2011 Springer Climate Change Mitigation Handbook, one book chapter in 2006 CRC Highway Engineering Handbook, and 109 peer reviewed papers in refereed Journals and conference books. He has been the Chief Editor of IJP – International Journal of Pavements since 2002. Dr. Uddin made over 167 presentations including 60 invited lectures, workshops, and keynote speeches worldwide in 27 countries. He served as the Founder President of iSMARTi – international Society for Maintenance And Rehabilitation of Transport infrastructure, 2004-2007. Since 2009 he has been serving as the university representative from Mississippi in the board of directors of the Gulf Region Intelligent Transportation Society (GRITS).

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